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Welcome to Paid 2 Learn!

You're wondering, what is Paid 2 Learn?

The idea itself is a revolt against the inequality and inequities in society and more specifically, in the opportunities that exist or lack thereof, in educating oneself and the skills required in the economic realities of today.

Sitting by idly, hoping "someone" will create opportunities for those for whom the doors seem shut from the very beginning, is not a strategy and certainly not one where we can hope that "someone" "someday" will do "something" to make things better and create equal opportunities.

I launched Paid 2 Learn because our current education system and society effectively is a pay-to-play system. Simply put, if one has resources (money) then the doors or opportunities are always open. If not then the path is riddled with insurmountable obstacles. My goal is not to debate anyone here, rather a simple recognition that without the resources and privileges, the opportunities my peers and I enjoy are a factor of not having to worry about food, shelter, safety nor many of the necessities that are taken care of by parents. The equation changes when there is no home, no food, no safety nor access to basic human necessities such as healthcare, education or parents!

When I looked around and also looked inward, I realized that in effect I am paid to learn. My home, food, safety, education, healthcare and many things I take as a given, someone (in my case parents) is paying for. It is certainly not free and I cannot lay claim to earning or deserving it. So, if I am being paid and so are many more and in fact the system is set up that if you can pay then you get to play, then why not level the playing field. Furthermore, if I did not do anything to earn my circumstances and do not deserve it other than luck/chance may have it that I am in the circumstances I am in, then by what logic do those who are in unspeakable circumstances deserve their reality. Exactly! We need to recognize this truth and embrace an approach towards life that holds equity and equality above all else.

I also researched and took stock of the fact that many initiatives and policies, although well-intentioned, did not succeed (of course, there are cases where programs and initiatives witnessed success but they cannot be scaled nationally or globally).

I believe that before we ask someone to "lift themselves up from their bootstraps," we need to recognize that my/our bootstraps were already, neatly done by someone. How then can we demand those for whom life's gifted obstacles upon obstacles to simply reverse that which has eluded governments, civil society and entire generations. This analogy may not be the best but what is clear to me and my generation is that we need to level the playing field.



I'm always looking partner with local, national and global organizations; public, private or public-private. If you want to get involved and/or would like discuss any collaborations or opportunities, let's connect.

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