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There are several projects underway. I will update them as we work on them and also as a model/case study for any organization to learn from our lessons learned.

Learning Coding, Cybersecurity and GIS 

I am helping out-of-school youth (dropped out of school or college), youth facing homelessness and justice involved persons (incarcerated and post-incarcerated) to learn coding, cybersecurity and GIS courses.

Some of the incarcerated students have now been released from prison and are facing difficulty finding jobs. In my mission to help these students find tech jobs I reached out to local employers including Unlocked Labs, an organization that employs post incarcerated people to build technology to improve the justice system. 

I am excited to update you that Unlocked Labs <> has offered to work with me to employ post-incarcerated tech students to upgrade Constitutionality Bot to an enterprise grade AI Bot.


This project will create jobs for 3-6 post incarcerated individuals in terms of upgrading the bot, continuous training of the model, making an app, a website and maintenance.


Work opportunities for post-incarcerated tech-trained students

Collaborated with Unlocked Labs, an organization that employs formerly incarcerated individuals to build legal technology. Fundraised and employed Paid-2-Learn students to upgrade the Constitutionality Bot project.


Created a free Job platform for students to seek independent contracts and freelance projects

The platform can be accessed by employers and businesses looking to hire freelance contractors for their projects.


Legal Tech Clinics

Legal Tech Workshops, Trainings and Clinics in shelters for the homeless and unhoused in St. Louis and throughout the St. Louis community. The clinics educate on using free technology tools for legal assistance, focusing on 3 tools:


i. Legal prompt engineering of ChatGPT

ii. Using the Constitutionality Bot <> for questions on constitutional violations of a case

iii. Online pro bono services and resources

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